BREathrox BreathRox Pop Rocks rebooted and improved The key to the BreathRox campaign is very simple. Nostalgia… A strong yearning for something lost from childhood.   What’s the #1 rated Candy that’s near impossible to find?   You’ve heard of them before. In fact, you have literally heard them. POP ROCKS didn’t just explode in your … Read moreBreathRox

Go Pro

Go Pro An American Phenomenon Ron Lynch and client Nicholas Woodman, (CEO Woodman Labs- GoPro) spent tireless hours in meetings, on the phone and on Skype developing and articulating the strategy, messaging, creative plan and media plan that helped GoPro launch. The ideas developed in the Spring of 2008 eventually helped grow GoPro from only 600k … Read moreGo Pro

Samsung Powerbot

SAMSUNG POWERBOT The Samsung Strategy In the design of this campaign, the goal of selling the product is always there, we are a transaction driven advertising form. Our execution began with pricking the consumers conscious with a question we knew with which we were in control of the answer. Rather than ask “Hey, would you like … Read moreSamsung Powerbot


Big baby is proud to share our past productions Check out our work Samsung POWERbot Lost Golf Balls GoPro Cameras Rug Doctor FaceFX Sleep Squares


Strategy is actually…everything.   EXPERTISE Our expertise is built on a solid foundation of understanding consumer psychology of both men and women and how they think differently. More importantly, how they purchase differently.  Years of experience in retail, direct response television, consumer goods design and online sales make Big Baby Agency the most unique player … Read moreStrategy


When you choose Big Baby Agency, you are selecting us as an extension of your own company. This is the basic outline of the process. Initial Evaluation You share your baby with us…pictures, stories and more. Creative Brief We write a great strategic marketing story about your baby. Scripting We initiate writing and rewriting the TV sales … Read moreProcess


One of the most common questions we get asked is: “What does it cost to do a spot or show?” It is a practical question that seems innocuous. Unfortunately, it requires a vague answer. Every need is different, every project unique. We often say it’s like asking… “What does it cost to build a house?” … Read moreCost


Services is what we can do for you. Creative Services Initial strategy and creative briefs are developed through an exploration process with you. Every detail of who you want your customer to see you as are laid out from the perspective that makes them want to engage with you. Production Services We have produced hundreds … Read moreServices


Of course you clicked on it. It said confidential…you were just curious. We put this here for a reason. We wanted to remind you we are experts at psychology and simple things that force-trigger predictable human behavior. You had to click. As you get to know us, you’ll discover we have some time-tested tricks up our sleeve … Read moreConfidential

Case Study Rug Doctor

Extending this brand beyond the pure rental business allowed them retail placement in Kohl’s, Target and Wal-Mart. Our team has created campaigns in short and long form for selling commercial grade home unit for carpet cleaning, portable spot cleaners and a variety of chemical products from 2007-current. Selling Rug Doctor’s industrial strength rental unit as … Read moreCase Study Rug Doctor

Case Study FixMeStick

A winner on “Dragon’s Den” the Canadian version of “Shark Tank”, the owners and creators of FixMeStick chose to leverage their new-found investors money in an aggressive direct sales marketing campaign both online and on television. The product itself combines three licensed anti-virus software programs on a USB thumb drive. The target audience has revealed … Read moreCase Study FixMeStick

Case Study Silk’n FaceFX

Silk’n is the name brand under which Home Skinovations Ltd. markets a number of beauty appliances and skincare product. The hardware products utilize energy technologies especially light and heat technologies in a variety of applications that are individually focused on reducing cellulite, wrinkle reduction, acne abatement and more. The Challenge Silk’n is famously successful around … Read moreCase Study Silk’n FaceFX

Case Study NuvoH20

Nuvo H20 is the dominant #1 consumer brand in the category of Citric Water Softening This compact alternative for softening water in a residential setting reduces the expense, footprint and water usage of traditional salt water softening systems.  The creative team currently at Big Baby Agency was behind its launch in 2010-2011. The company’s singular … Read moreCase Study NuvoH20


That’s right. Doomed. You will waste time. You will waste money. You will fail and you will be disappointed. You may end up looking like a fool. Sounds fun? You see most people don’t understand the difference between advertising and marketing. Advertising is something you “do” to your audience. It is interruptive. It is a … Read moreIF YOU THINK YOU CAN MARKET TO YOUR AUDIENCE…YOU’RE DOOMED.