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Stage 22 Productions

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stage22logofinalThe production arm of Big Baby Agency.

Stage 22 has offices in Austin, Seattle, Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. We have a variety of projects including feature length documentaries, web videos, and television. We are affiliated with many international production teams, so if your production needs to travel, we are literally already there. All Big Baby Agency billing is associated with the Stage 22 Production office.

Reality Television

White-box_city-of-songs_charlieCity of Songs
Join Charlie Sexton, accomplished recording artist and ambassador of music for Austin Texas, as he travels the world to bring you into a world you would never gain access to. Each week a globally recognized talent pairs with local musicians, living together, collaborating, writing, recording and then performing live at the end of each week.

Feature Length Documentary

pole pole poster

Polé Polé (swahili) the slow walk
Meet Rebecca Dufek, a young woman diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis Type 2 which has filled her brain with pressure inducing tumors. She currently is completely deaf and has lost her sense of balance. After a major surgery to reduce the pressure on her brain, Rebecca intends to travel to Tanzania and climb the Highest Freestanding Peak in the World – Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,341 ft.).




 Corporate Marketing and Video


We have over 20 years experience writing and producing for corporate clients, see our latest work.

 Let Us Know What We Can Create For You!


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Of course you clicked on it.

It said confidential…you were just curious.

We put this here for a reason. We wanted to remind you we are experts at psychology and simple things that force-trigger predictable human behavior. You had to click.

As you get to know us, you’ll discover we have some time-tested tricks up our sleeve that become yours. You will become a better marketer for having known us. For us, the proof comes from all the past clients that call us on a Saturday just to pick our brains because of the trust we’ve built and the techniques we’ve taught. They know they can call and we’ll have a case study to help them.

Here are just a few things we really want you to know we do really well. Out of good taste, we hide them at the back of the site for those types who really like to dig…you’re our kind of people.

We know that the boardrooms of America are filled with men…living rooms with women. Between 60% and 80% of all consumer goods are purchased by these women from these men. Most men cannot talk to women. We understand a different language, a female language. We know this because our opening position is that we refuse to “sell” anything… ever. When connecting with women we engage in an observational peer conversation that draws them in and enlightens them… about them. Do not be fooled by the myth that the television is a window into the world.
Far from it… it is actually a mirror in your living room.

 You watch yourself. You sell yourself. You buy yourself.

We go to the mall and read the map and it says, “You Are Here” and you think, “Oh I’m here”. You think it’s about you…. when it’s really about “Here”. That is the human condition.

Think about the woman that watches the “Real Housewives of New York”. Picture her…the viewer. It’s 8 o’clock she’s finally alone with her feet up, swilling a second glass of wine saying too herself… “Well at least I’m not friggin Ramona”. She’s watching herself. True?

We get you in alignment with “her”. Our goal is to freely ask her a few questions that open her mind and gives pertinent personal information that she can emotively relate to and reflexively receive as the truth. We are simple, sincere and straightforward in a non-confrontational way. We empathize with a particular problem she can relate to. We present her with a promise of hope that has high-perceived value. We deliver an offer that is low effort and money saving at the same time, a deal. We offer permission to purchase through self-investment and then demand the sale. These days she most likely has a second screen on her lap or in her hand and can investigate your product or service instantaneously.

If that sounds like psychology to you. Good. It is

… and it is really incredibly, amazingly, effective stuff.

When we are selling to men, it’s actually easier. We’re fully confrontational and challenging. It’s a different language and it works. A man steps onto a car lot and the salesman approaches. “Are you looking to buy a car today?”. The answer is always “No”. Men are oppositional, you have to prove it. So then the salesman starts talking features not benefits… 420 horsepower. V-6’s. Paddle Shifters. Fuel injectors. Torque. Oppositional, confrontational selling…men are apes…maybe cavemen, but nothing more. We have the data that proves it. We sell tools easily. We sell car products like nobody. And recreational sports action cameras? Yeah, we’ve sold a few of those too. We’d love to share the secrets of that story as well.

Have you ever seen a Viagra or Cialus Ad?

Are those ads aimed at men or women?

Think deeply about that. We know the answer…call us we’ll tell you.

The point is you need to be very clear who you are selling to and message appropriately.

How about the words you choose in your copy? How many people should you be speaking to? a million? This entire website has been speaking to you in the first person present tense. Did you notice? Why did we do that? The same reason we speak to your customers that way.

It’s never a million viewers, it’s always one on a couch, one at a time.

Just like you reading this, just like me typing it. We are looking for connection, identity and relevance.

Remember. Our job is not to sell them…It is to make them want to buy.

Glad you clicked?

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Case Study BackJoy

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The back orthotic ‘you sit on‘ had existing sales of 25,000 units on the Home Shopping Network for proof of concept the day founder Bing Howenstein called Ron Lynch.

Together they designed a show with a variety of demos and animations to explain how the device actually relieved pain and pressure instead of previous marketing focus on just proper sitting posture. Show Backjoy-and-logotestimonials included primarily people with previous injuries, careers that required extended sitting, weight issues and medical conditions.  One of the unusual aspects about the show was that it was shot outside in the Long Center atrium in Austin, Texas. The background being Zilker Park, it had a very “Central Park” feel to it. This subconsciously connected the idea of the product to be a natural solution for back pain. This subtle eye catching choice was different than any other pain relief show on air and kept it very channel stopping for the viewer. This one creative enjoyed a long 4 years of success on television.

Direct sales topped 1 million units in those first 4 years and opened the retail door for permanent slotting at national retailers. BackJoy is now a globally recognized brand with leadership in the good posture category as well as the back orthotic category. The BackJoy Brand now has enjoyed line extension into orthotic pillow and casual sport shoes. BackJoy can be purchased online and at retailers like Walgreens, Duane Reed and Bed Bath & Beyond.



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Case Study Rug Doctor

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Extending this brand beyond the pure rental business allowed them retail placement in Kohl’s, Target and Wal-Mart.

RD_3productsOur team has created campaigns in short and long form for selling commercial grade home unit for carpet cleaning, portable spot cleaners and a variety of chemical products from 2007-current. Selling Rug Doctor’s industrial strength rental unit as a permanent fixture in the home was so successful it allowed Rug Doctor to keep the brand on air by monetizing machine sales. This exposure constantly increased their rental business and chemical cleaner sales. Chemical branded cleaners made their way from the storefront kiosk to competitive space in aisle in the grocery store. A consumer could rent a red machine at the front of a retail store like Target, or buy the same machine in blue on the aisle. Retail sales programs were developed over time for more stores including Costco.  Overall sales for the brand increased dramatically during this campaign. Subsequently the company has gone through two impressive acquisitions.



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Case Study GoPro

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An American phenomenon

gopro_chdhx_401_hero4_black_edition_adventure_1078001Ron Lynch and client Nicholas Woodman, (CEO Woodman Labs- GoPro) spent tireless hours in meetings, on the phone and on Skype developing and articulating the strategy, messaging, creative plan and media plan that helped GoPro launch.

The ideas developed in the Spring of 2008 eventually helped grow GoPro from only 600k in annual sales when they met to an over 660M giant in sales today (2015 numbers).

Key Strategies

surfing-technology-goproThe number one strategy was to turn the point-of-view towards the user twice in every commercial spot to connect in the consumers mind the vanity proposition the product offers and encourage YouTube and Facebook use.  We showed consumers they could put themselves on Facebook and “Be A Hero.”  People’s “look at me” nature became the best marketing tool in the world. There were other action cameras coming up as competitors all shooting pretty good point-of-view action footage. “This idea of turning the camera around in the creative was only done by us. It killed the competition.”- RL

Without the budgets for big name athletic celebrities or huge spotlight media we came to the second key strategy by necessity. All GoPro advertising content initially was actual consumer footage that folks were uploading to the web or to the GoPro page to impress the company. This became content and some of it was weird. We had crashing flat bottom speedboats, trout biting fly lines, even Nicholas in his own racing car.


The second strategy was to use specific smaller scale sports related channels and select creative to match i.e. skiing on ski channels, fishing on fishing channels, extreme sports on X-Channels.  Eventually sales exploded and talent like Shaun White, Kelly Slater and Tanner Faust were recruited to help boost sales.

The third strategy was to create a web-driving contest to encourage consumers to visit the website and enter to win free products, then become consumed in content and purchase. This contest strategy allowed purchase of remnant media, including remnant Super Bowl media. These tactics were developed and utilized 2008-2013.

A brilliant marketer and spokesperson for his brand, Nicholas leveraged his PR team to earn him a segment on 60-minutes in early 2014 to ensure he would appear in front of his next target consumer, the global investor. The company went public in June of 2014 and enjoys a current valuation of 2.5 billion.  It was fun to play a valuable role in this strategic launch where the outcome so eclipsed everyone’s expectation.



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Case Study FixMeStick

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A winner on “Dragon’s Den” the Canadian version of “Shark Tank”, the owners and creators of FixMeStick chose to leverage their new-found investors money in an aggressive direct sales marketing campaign both online and on television.

The product itself combines three licensed anti-virus software programs on a USB thumb drive. The target FM120V1H_H264-poster copyaudience has revealed itself to be people in their 50’s and older that use computers. The key insight discovered early on was not only is this group of computer users vast in numbers; they have a general lack of understanding of how computers and the internet work. They possess that with a profound distrust of allowing any company remote access to their computer.

The creative that starts addressing the hierarchy of fears is the loss or theft of personal family photos, exposure of personal data and identity, that was personified by an actual villain a supposed hacker that looks creepy. Problem identified.

The owner of the company hosts the spot which is very rare but was intentional due to his telegenic personality, obvious trustworthiness and industry background as a professional that worked to stop hackers in the corporate realm.

The FixMeStick is presented as the clear, practical, tactile DIY solution.

The animation borrows visual cues from cinematic productions like Tron, Sneakers and even Ghostbusters with concepts the audience has already bought into. The idea that viruses are living electronic entities sets up FixMeStick as a simple solution. There is no question viruses can be cleaned, trapped and stored by the product. It’s professional and consumer endorsements validate the facts.

The product is selling incredibly well both on television and at specific retailers.

“Thanks to Ron’s creative and strategy, this product is selling like hotcakes.”

Marty Algire CEO

That is as true a Canadian endorsement, if there ever was one.