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Strategy is actually…everything.



Our expertise is built on a solid foundation of understanding consumer psychology of both men and women and how they think differently. More importantly, how they purchase differently.  Years of experience in retail, direct response television, consumer goods design and online sales make Big Baby Agency the most unique player in the direct marketing space.  There is no creative strategic shop in the world like us.
We start by asking a lot of questions and reading your research. We develop the most complete marketing briefs available. Your input is essential. Your consumer’s input is paramount.
Our clients range from some of the longest standing brands in the world to the newest start-ups. Our interest is in your measurable sales success online, on television and retail. Your marketing should pay dividends otherwise it is just advertising.

“The key insight we discovered together was that turning the GoPro camera around in every spot was the key that made it a vanity product and created consumer proliferation throughout social media. That was just one of the secrets.”
Nick Woodman, CEO GoPro

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When you choose Big Baby Agency, you are selecting us as an extension of your own company.

This is the basic outline of the process.

Initial Evaluationshutterstock_79696708
You share your baby with us…pictures, stories and more.

Creative Brief
We write a great strategic marketing story about your baby.

We initiate writing and rewriting the TV sales argument.

We spend weeks preparing the elements, shooting the footage and building animations.

We assemble the story, sounds, images and special effects that make your baby shine.

Show Delivery and Testing Offers
Together we share your baby with the audience.

Dial Test and Focus Group Evaluation
We scientifically measure the work for improvement.

We implement the learning’s and maximize revenue.



Further, we offer review of existing commercial materials, both directly and through scientific dial and focus group testing.  We have experience in taking existing shows that are ‘broken’ and ‘fixing’ them through the use of the dial and focus group process.  Send us a link to your show. We’ll review it for FREE.


“Ron and his team walked us through the exact process he outlines and not only delivered a hit, he encouraged research to optimize those results. We are now in retailers around the world with over 1 million units sold.”
Bing Howenstein, CEO, BackJoy

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One of the most common questions we get asked is:

“What does it cost to do a spot or show?”

It is a practical question that seems innocuous. Unfortunately, it requires a vague answer. Every need is different, every project unique. We often say it’s like asking…

karkasinis-namas“What does it cost to build a house?”

Kinda depends on the house, doesn’t it?

Before we allow you to spend any money we need to take a serious look together at the product and the pitch required. Our goal is that we can meet your marketing goals within a budget that is realistic for your team. Money does not beget success… strategy and creative solutions do.

A better question is…

“What is the most compelling creative we can do for this product, and what would that cost?”

Our business model predicates that our real profitability is dependent on the success of your marketing. We have three distinct and different types of deal structures that we can share in our initial meeting. All of our clients pick the one that works best for them. It is actually pretty simple.

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Services is what we can do for you.

creative-servicesCreative Services
Initial strategy and creative briefs are developed through an exploration process with you. Every detail of who you want your customer to see you as are laid out from the perspective that makes them want to engage with you.

Production Services
We have produced hundreds and hundreds of spots and shows with our production teams around the world. We are on site with you writing, directing and perfecting as we produce superior quality story-telling.

Facebook, Google, and YouTube marketing is not for kids anymore. Getting in the social stream appropriately can win profits and build brands with paid and unpaid traffic.

Transactional landing page and website, 60% to 80% of sales come from here in the new world. We know the people that know the secret.

Volume, category experience and the ability to plan and execute precise media ensures profitability.

Call Center
Selecting an order sales team that is affordable with the experience to sell your type of product.

Merchant Processing
Making sure the banking steps happen to release inventory and get you paid fast.

Campaign Management
An advocate and mentor who manage these vendors as they train you.

Fulfillment Services
The vendor who manages your actual inventory and ships for you.

Direct Response statisticians have become some of our best friends. We know the best.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what all these terms mean. It isn’t as expensive as the list might make you feel it is. Paying in tandem with the measurable success is what our industry is built on. You may instantly recognize some of these elements are best handled by your current experienced team in-house, others you will not want to be bothered with. We’ll guide you through each one happily and align you with the best options for you.

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You…and your baby

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If you think your product truly is an innovation, contact us and we’ll evaluate it for free. We like to work with winners and regularly consult in the pre-design phase for many clients. We’ll even give you a gift, read on.

3 Billion in sales for our clients… is a legacy we are proud of. It wasn’t easy getting here.

Helping products go from infancy to maturity and become powerful brands is a great feeling but more, it is a great education. Every baby is different. It has a unique birth. Undoubtedly each has parents that are proud, talented and ambitious in their own right. Even more, every single product has a path in front of them that is their destiny alone. Do you want your baby to be taken care of by amateurs or experts?

We’ve created patents, owned products and launched them. Yes we’ve succeeded. Certainly as entrepreneurs we’ve taken our share of lumps along the way as well. Yet, when you are looking for experts isn’t that exactly what you hope for. You need a partner with vast experience and endless energy.

Let us listen to your story and share what we’ve experienced that gives you the instant knowledge to avoid the common mistakes, and the less common ones while delivering the shortcuts to success.

Our background in retail mechanics, design, costing and marketing makes us an industry leader in creating launches that monetize. Our foresight and flexibility in creative help us anticipate your needs in advance of the obstacles you can’t see today. Over 300 launches with entrepreneurs and corporations alike have given us a depth of case study knowledge that you can only get access to with years of experience. The access to this kind of experience is invaluable.

Want a head start? Order this book.

Buy now_2

You can buy this at Amazon. It delivers a great deal of strategic advice for direct response and will get you booted up to speak our language like a pro…or better yet submit your e-mail below, tell us a little about your product or service and we’ll send you the updated version for Free! as an e-book, as soon as it’s off the press…it’s full of inside billionaire secrets from the past 3 years.