That’s right. Doomed. You will waste time. You will waste money. You will fail and you will be disappointed. You may end up looking like a fool. Sounds fun?

You see most people don’t understand the difference between advertising and marketing. Advertising is something you “do” to your audience. It is interruptive. It is a push model. It is “Donkey” in Shrek screaming “Pick Me. Pick ME!”. It is one of the 40,000 messages your audiences will filter themselves away from every day.

Marketing is different. Marketing is about developing a market. Drawing in an audience by talking about THEM not YOU. It is a mature approach that respects the crowd and acknowledges the individual. It is being wise in the understanding you “get” your product and your audience so well. Be confident. You don’t need everyone on earth to hear the message. Not everyone is your customer no matter how much you love your product. Done properly, marketing is something your audience does to you.

The vast explosion of television channels from 35 to literally hundreds in the past 15 years has had a unique effect. In one way it has crippled advertisers, giving seemingly an endless inventory of stations to the consumers. The same numbers of consumers now are nomadically wandering over a vastly increased landscape. Media rates did not decline with increased supply but rather continue to escalate due to the market specificity. Theoretically the consumers are in smaller more category specific ponds as they view, so rates increased. Realistically “advertising” is more expensive. Consumers are nomads that belong to tribes that lead to civilizations. Start by asking specific nomads what they seek. Asking the right question is everything.

Customers are hard to locate. Nomads walk right up to you.

To further the metaphor, you need to build an oasis. A place that some see, they experience. They leave and tell others where to find you. Nobody advertises the oasis. It is marketed by being there. Being reliable and satisfying those who come. An oasis is marketed by dialogue with seekers talking to seekers. It’s a place of benefit people seek. It has what you seek. An oasis does not need an ad budget. People are out there talking about it for free. Marketing has a lower cost of participation than advertising. It has a vastly higher ROI. Learning to be a marketer instead of an advertiser has never been more important.

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Then God gave us the INTERNET.

Some will curse it. We see it as a landscape of endless opportunity… An oasis around every corner… a camel in everyone’s garage. Every customer you want is a bedouin with a story. Every URL in the world is an oasis broadcast network without an FCC license. Every click is a true lead gen possibility for a consumer that may want to engage with you.

If you understand how television and the Internet are currently colliding and get the difference between Marketing and Advertising, you will have the marketing keys to the universe.

Today’s savvy marketers know that an integration of tools has to be used to draw the consumer into a conversation about them. Some would accuse the consumer of vanity or self-absorption. I would say that it is more human nature and survival. Life is hard for the average person and they truly are looking for help. Good marketing means starting a conversation with the consumer base artfully. One that respects them and helps them self-select engagement based on their problems and your benefits. Notice I didn’t say your product or your features. Lead with them, not with you. The conversation should always be about their needs and how you can potentially help them.

Marketing is the art of selective inclusion. It’s the “pssst” in their ear.  Lead with a question. A question that makes them opt into the dialogue.  A question that makes non-customer opt out. That’s right…

Good marketing, the kind that has profitable ROI, allows the eventual consumer to instantly opt in and the rubbernecking non-customer a quick view that informs them to pass right by. You want to turn a few people off. It’s ok to not be listened to by people that will never engage. That’s how your audiences know that you are talking about them, to them. That’s also part of the secret to keeping it affordable, a discussion for a future post.

Why would we advocate such a message? Because, in the Internet age people can want to efficiently self-select marketing. You do it. Look at your e-mail folder later. It is filled with marketing e-mails that you don’t read yet you could easily go into and hit “delete me from your list”.  You choose not to. Why? Because you like those brands, you might get to them later, tomorrow. They might finally kick out the headline offer that makes you engage. They are your retail friends that eventually will throw the party you want to go to. It’s nice to be engaged with brands that reflect you.

I said reflect you, not represent you. Reflect. Right? Think about that in your free time.

Advertising is an art form. It is mystical, like a viral video. It’s a unicorn. You can’t get up and make a unicorn. You can hope to. You never know until it’s out there. Ninety percent of it does not work.

Marketing is a discipline, a skillset. It is a dialogue. We can show you how to learn it and replicate it. We have done it with an enormously successful batting average. How are we consistently so successful? We use a formula. It begins with an intentioned conversation that starts with empathy towards the customer. It is about them 80% and you 20%. It is way easier to succeed and drive metrics with marketing. Marketing is scientific and predictable; certainly it incorporates creativity and thinking, at times even brilliance…

BUT you don’t have to be brilliant to do it well.

Think about your approach this week. Are you driving from the perspective of the seller pushing or from the vantage point of the viewer who is hunting or gathering for something that relates to them? Put yourself in their shoes. Feel their pain point. Ask a question that starts the conversation.

Next week I’ll give you a helpful tool and a specific tactic you can utilize to solidify this thinking and grow your network almost effortlessly.

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