Nuvo H20 is the dominant #1 consumer brand in the category of Citric Water Softening

This compact alternative for softening water in a residential setting reduces the expense, footprint and water usage of traditional salt water softening systems.  The creative team currently at Big Baby Agency was nuvo_product-and-logobehind its launch in 2010-2011. The company’s singular long form creative has managed to be the backbone of NUVO H2o’s marketing efforts for five years running. The same successful show running for five years constantly is extremely unusual in television. Not for this team however, we have shows that have run as long as 12-years, same creative, that’s crazy.

Through the format of a 30-minute home improvement show we demonstrate the cost savings, appliance savings and ease of use and simple installation of this product, which was not available at retail originally. We simply explain the science behind the product in layman terms and give a bevy of before and after’s.

Treating the consumer with an intelligent approach and simply showing the huge economic savings and upside to living in a home enjoying water that behaves as soft water without the headaches, expense and inconvenience. In addition a bevy of lifestyle benefits including softer laundry, less calcified residue, detergents that suds again and the clear lower consumption of cleaning chemicals.

The marketing offer has a low barrier to entry first payment to entice a call. The consumer is then appropriately matched with a product that suits their water actual consumption. The company manufactures devices that range from the hundreds to over a thousand dollars depending on the size of the consumer’s home and occupancy.

The company has enjoyed explosive growth over this time and is expanding into retail footprints including Ace Hardware. CEO Laird Washburn credits Ron Lynch for “making a show that drives consumers to pick up the phone while maintaining a credible trustworthy brand approach.”