Silk’n is the name brand under which Home Skinovations Ltd. markets a number of beauty appliances and skincare product. The hardware products utilize energy technologies especially light and heat technologies in a variety of applications that are individually focused on reducing cellulite, wrinkle reduction, acne abatement and more.

The Challenge

Silk’n is famously successful around the world and had yet to crack the American market. Despite hiring a number of creative agencies and attempting several direct response television strategies, they had difficulty monetizing the business and selling successfully.

Occasionally, people bring existing video assets to us and ask if we can repurpose them towards success. This was such a case with Silk’n’s “Face FX” product, a light energy product for fine line and wrinkle reduction.

The SolutionWhite-box_facefx_user

We determined that some new imagery would be needed, yet the majority of the content was repurposed. The true difference was the sales strategy and argument. Instead of talking about the company and the features of the product, we spun the conversation to the consumer and posed questions that elicited the natural desire for the solution that FaceFX offered.  We featured the benefits. Something most companies miss, something most companies have to do to succeed.

The Results

The creative team at Big Baby Agency is the team that cracked the code and instantly achieved profitable sales metrics. We put Silk’n on the American radar and have helped push millions of dollars of revenue for White-box_facefx_productthe entire line of products through both television and retail stores. Silk’n, as a company is amazingly smart, savvy and successful. They understand that the unique offers they have on television fund the global sales initiative for the retail service of the brand. Smart stuff, and great products.