The back orthotic ‘you sit on‘ had existing sales of 25,000 units on the Home Shopping Network for proof of concept the day founder Bing Howenstein called Ron Lynch.

Together they designed a show with a variety of demos and animations to explain how the device actually relieved pain and pressure instead of previous marketing focus on just proper sitting posture. Show Backjoy-and-logotestimonials included primarily people with previous injuries, careers that required extended sitting, weight issues and medical conditions.  One of the unusual aspects about the show was that it was shot outside in the Long Center atrium in Austin, Texas. The background being Zilker Park, it had a very “Central Park” feel to it. This subconsciously connected the idea of the product to be a natural solution for back pain. This subtle eye catching choice was different than any other pain relief show on air and kept it very channel stopping for the viewer. This one creative enjoyed a long 4 years of success on television.

Direct sales topped 1 million units in those first 4 years and opened the retail door for permanent slotting at national retailers. BackJoy is now a globally recognized brand with leadership in the good posture category as well as the back orthotic category. The BackJoy Brand now has enjoyed line extension into orthotic pillow and casual sport shoes. BackJoy can be purchased online and at retailers like Walgreens, Duane Reed and Bed Bath & Beyond.