Extending this brand beyond the pure rental business allowed them retail placement in Kohl’s, Target and Wal-Mart.

RD_3productsOur team has created campaigns in short and long form for selling commercial grade home unit for carpet cleaning, portable spot cleaners and a variety of chemical products from 2007-current. Selling Rug Doctor’s industrial strength rental unit as a permanent fixture in the home was so successful it allowed Rug Doctor to keep the brand on air by monetizing machine sales. This exposure constantly increased their rental business and chemical cleaner sales. Chemical branded cleaners made their way from the storefront kiosk to competitive space in aisle in the grocery store. A consumer could rent a red machine at the front of a retail store like Target, or buy the same machine in blue on the aisle. Retail sales programs were developed over time for more stores including Costco.  Overall sales for the brand increased dramatically during this campaign. Subsequently the company has gone through two impressive acquisitions.