If you think your product truly is an innovation, contact us and we’ll evaluate it for free. We like to work with winners and regularly consult in the pre-design phase for many clients. We’ll even give you a gift, read on.

3 Billion in sales for our clients… is a legacy we are proud of. It wasn’t easy getting here.

Helping products go from infancy to maturity and become powerful brands is a great feeling but more, it is a great education. Every baby is different. It has a unique birth. Undoubtedly each has parents that are proud, talented and ambitious in their own right. Even more, every single product has a path in front of them that is their destiny alone. Do you want your baby to be taken care of by amateurs or experts?

We’ve created patents, owned products and launched them. Yes we’ve succeeded. Certainly as entrepreneurs we’ve taken our share of lumps along the way as well. Yet, when you are looking for experts isn’t that exactly what you hope for. You need a partner with vast experience and endless energy.

Let us listen to your story and share what we’ve experienced that gives you the instant knowledge to avoid the common mistakes, and the less common ones while delivering the shortcuts to success.

Our background in retail mechanics, design, costing and marketing makes us an industry leader in creating launches that monetize. Our foresight and flexibility in creative help us anticipate your needs in advance of the obstacles you can’t see today. Over 300 launches with entrepreneurs and corporations alike have given us a depth of case study knowledge that you can only get access to with years of experience. The access to this kind of experience is invaluable.

Want a head start? Order this book.

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You can buy this at Amazon. It delivers a great deal of strategic advice for direct response and will get you booted up to speak our language like a pro…or better yet submit your e-mail below, tell us a little about your product or service and we’ll send you the updated version for Free! as an e-book, as soon as it’s off the press…it’s full of inside billionaire secrets from the past 3 years.