When you choose Big Baby Agency, you are selecting us as an extension of your own company.

This is the basic outline of the process.

Initial Evaluationshutterstock_79696708
You share your baby with us…pictures, stories and more.

Creative Brief
We write a great strategic marketing story about your baby.

We initiate writing and rewriting the TV sales argument.

We spend weeks preparing the elements, shooting the footage and building animations.

We assemble the story, sounds, images and special effects that make your baby shine.

Show Delivery and Testing Offers
Together we share your baby with the audience.

Dial Test and Focus Group Evaluation
We scientifically measure the work for improvement.

We implement the learning’s and maximize revenue.



Further, we offer review of existing commercial materials, both directly and through scientific dial and focus group testing.  We have experience in taking existing shows that are ‘broken’ and ‘fixing’ them through the use of the dial and focus group process.  Send us a link to your show. We’ll review it for FREE.


“Ron and his team walked us through the exact process he outlines and not only delivered a hit, he encouraged research to optimize those results. We are now in retailers around the world with over 1 million units sold.”
Bing Howenstein, CEO, BackJoy