The Samsung Strategy

In the design of this campaign, the goal of selling the product is always there, we are a transaction driven advertising form. Our execution began with pricking the consumers conscious with a question we knew with which we were in control of the answer.

Rather than ask “Hey, would you like to buy this vacuum?”, we asked a much more effective question.

“When you come home would you prefer to relax…. or clean the house?”. 

That’s an easy choice. The answer is yes…relax. Paired with the footage that sets up the benefit…the customer wins.

Since the first airing of the Jetsons in 1962, everyone has dreamed of having their own Rosie. A robotic maid that’s always there, happy to clean up the mess while you relax. This is exactly the sort of lifestyle we sold with the Samsung Powerbot. There’s nothing like coming home to a freshly cleaned house.

An existing competitor had early market entry and purported to deliver on that promise. We simply went to gently prove that they were neither a vacuum cleaner or a robot. 

Through simple demonstrations and examination of the devices side by side the viewer must come to the same conclusion. The existing competitor at that point was a rather randomized, mechanical floor sweeper.

This opened the door for the dialogue about superior technology and trust. Samsung wins every time.

This intelligent design of the Powerbot really does give it the feel of an intelligent robotic maid.  

For their marketing campaign, we gave out models of the Powerbot to multiple families to try it. What we found was very interesting. Many of the families actually took to naming their Powerbot as if it really were their own Rosie from the Jetsons. 

Suddenly the Powerbot wasn’t just another cleaning appliance, it was practically a part of the family. 

The company had successfully fulfilled the promise of the Jetsons to the modern family. We simply had to illuminate the actual solution had finally arrived…and from a manufacturer from whom you have most likely successfully purchased from. Samsung is ubiquitous with quality technology.

The strategy around being second to market is not easy to grasp always. If you would like insights into how you could potentially market to an existing category we are the experts.

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