Pop Rocks rebooted and improved

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The key to the BreathRox campaign is very simple.

Nostalgia… A strong yearning for something lost from childhood.


What’s the #1 rated Candy that’s near impossible to find?


You’ve heard of them before. In fact, you have literally heard them. POP ROCKS didn’t just explode in your mouth, they exploded into your childhood with an exciting explosion of candy. The company’s success mirrored their explosive product, selling over 500 million packets in an 18- month period, before eventually having to shut down production in 1983.


But why?


Rumors of exploding stomachs were tough on POP ROCKS (sheesh), and this caused a big decline in sales. Almost as fast as they took over the market, POP ROCKS unfortunately had come to a swift end. However, eventually enough people demanded the return of their favorite fizzing candy that POP ROCKS obliged them and rereleased their candy in over 10 different flavors.


They are making a huge comeback…


The classic American candy that made a name for itself by causing explosions of fruity flavor in your mouth is now back and better than ever.


This patented formula has been reformed to give you BREATHROX!


BreathRox has taken this now public formula and added a NEW SECRET that will make you fall in love with it….and possibly other people (hint hint).


Using the power of Zinc, BreathRox targets the bacteria in your mouth that causes bad breath and takes care of it at the source. Other breath freshening products simply mask the smell, only to have it return an hour later. BreathRox keeps your breath smelling fresh for up to 5 hours!


It doesn’t end there. Through our curiosity and a little ingenuity, we discovered that BreathRox can actually be used for low calorie mixed drinks. Replace any of the high calorie sugar based ingredients with BreathRox for a sweet low calorie cocktail. The basis of Breathrox is Sucralose which is an artificial sweetener and sugar substitute. The majority of ingested sucralose is not broken down by the body, so it is noncaloric. This means you still get the delicious flavor without all the calories of sugar.


BreathRox was discovered through the HSN shopping network (then under a different brand name), where at the time it was being sold by Orthodontists as a combatant to bad breath. When Big Baby saw this, we realized it was so much more. We saw a chance to sell human connection. At the end of the day that’s what BreathRox is offering.


Not only will BreathRox solve your bad breath woes, but it goes so much deeper to bring you and your friends back to a time when everything was simpler. Bring back the memories of your childhood days and the nostalgia that goes with it.