Ron Lynch

Creative Director & Strategist

Ron Lynch is a unique creative force in the marketing industry. A background in retail operations, filmmaking and product design made him naturally take to making infomercials in the early 2000’s. He worked early on with brands like SpaceBag, American Tourister and Orange Glo to develop direct response short form spots that sold millions.

In the long form space Ron’s first infomercials were The Ultimate Chopper (80MM), The FlavorWave Deluxe Oven (100+MM), The Total Trolley Ladder (80MM), SmartWare (80MM) and Light Relief (Over 100MM). That would be pretty good for an entire career. These were actually his first five long form infomercials in order. As of 2014 he has written, directed and executive produced over 90 long form commercials and 300 traditional short form television ads. He has won numerous Telly’s and ERA awards including “Best Infomercial of the Year” and “Best Hardware Infomercial of the Year” for Total Trolley.

In the past 7 years his strategic outlines have helped guide product launches for Rug Doctor, Eagle One, AeroGarden, Silk’n Beauty, Tanda Me, Robin McGraw Revelation, BackJoy and everybody’s favorite GoPro. His work has included new individual product launches for corporations like The Hunter Fan Co., Valvoline, Johnson & Johnson and The S.C.Johnson Family of products. He has helped entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies alike build brands through direct sales via television and the web.

Ron currently consults for a variety of consumer companies, does success coaching for elite marketers and frequently speaks at Universities as an expert in the Direct Response field. Additionally, he is an accomplished author and screenwriter.

Bing Howenstein

Business Development/Financial Strategy

Bing Howenstein is a seasoned entrepreneur who excels at turning ideas into reality. He is a founder of multiple start-ups focused on Direct-to-Consumer CPG Products. His skills were developed in the movie business when he was a Studio based producer and writer of major Films, TV movies, and series. He swapped producing movies to making products when he founded BackJoy, a back-wellness company that was the No. 1 Fastest-Growing Private Company in Los Angeles, and #51 on the Inc. 500 – while he was the only person in the company.

Bing is the CEO of Simtec, LLC, a rapidly growing start-up which recently launched the revolutionary All33 brand of office chairs and is a partner in the consulting firm/venture studio DCA which helps consumer products become brands, profitably.

As a result of the growing hunger issues resulting from the COVID crisis, Bing helped create, the first peer-to-peer food pantry platform that allows individuals to directly select who their donation goes to, and allows them to fulfill that same day. Over 2.1M meals have already been provided within 2020 in this 100,000 person (and growing) community.

Sam Richard

Post Production Producer / Graphic Design

Sam knows that clients have spent years nurturing their products and loves the process of launching new shows to see what they can achieve.

Sam has worked on many successful projects such as All 33, BreathRox, The TUT Trainer, The Spa Dr, and is currently the producer of promotional content for Intellihelp such as the Intellihelp SALON Podcast.

Whether your product has millions of dollars in sales or hundreds, Sam will treat your project with the same enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication. Taking words from the script, pictures from the shoot, and putting the story together is his passion.

David Raybould

Director of Digital Strategy

David Raybould is well-known in the marketing industry as a digital strategy expert and high conversion copywriter & consultant. David’s techniques have helped clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars, often taking a “cold” visitor with no brand knowledge, and turning them into a lifelong customer and advocate for the brand.

David got his marketing start in 2003 when his first foray into the world of buying digital media “accidentally” returned more than 1000% profit.

18 years and several hundred campaigns later, David works with BBA to oversee and optimize digital initiatives to maximize client profit. He also occasionally teaches classes on persuasion and copywriting.